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Double the Trouble / Double the Fun

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Twin Trouble - A Fred/George Slash Haven
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Welcome to Twin Trouble!
This is community for those of us who love Fred and George slash.

In case of trolls or questions, Mod can be reached at: Sparkleblsmchyld@yahoo.com

A Few Community Rules:
1. First of all, this is a community dedicated to an adult relationship between the Weasley twins, Fred and George, subjects are of an adult nature.
2. pLeAsE nO tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
3. Please no excessive net chat. Such as, 'OMG, liek U r0ck. can U BFF me? itd be gr8.'
4. Decent grammar, not trying to being a pain here - even I make mistakes. Just give your posts a look over; and remember, spell check is your friend.

Good Things:
1. A love of Fred/George and/or various 3-somes featuring the twins.
2. Open-mindedness - This is a Fred and George slash community, so please don't enter if this offends you.
3. A sharing/caring attitude, we all having somthing in common here so let's try to get along.

Bad Things:
1. Stealing - Credit must always be given to the creators of any icons, graphics, stories, etc.
2. Trolls or Flamers - They delight in causing problems. If either of these appears, the mod will remove them ASAP.
3. Insults or Non-Constructive Criticism - Criticism to help with creativity is welcome, but no blatent insults/attacks.

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